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Software Architecture Course
Software Architecture Course

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You know the work. Coding comes so naturally to you, can do it while binging "Breaking Bad." So why not leverage what you already have towards a career you actually want?

Our Software Architecture course was designed exclusively for people like you: stellar, experienced developers who want to secure their career and success for years to come, at a truly high level.

With us, you'll learn from people in senior roles how the best companies in the industry manage their architecture, and most importantly — how to be the one who does that in exactly those companies.

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All our instructors have been carefully selected — they both work in senior positions in the biggest companies in the world, and have incredible teaching skills. What that means is our students get the most current, leading edge knowledge from "the field," and the assignments represent real challanges that companies deal with day in and day out.

Yuval Wilf
Senior Director of R&D
Arnon Goldstein
Arnon Goldstein
Senior Software Architect
Danny Gitelman
Senior Architect
David Rotenberg
Senior VP of R&D
Aviad Ezra
Principal Software Architect

Chosen by leading companies

Leading organizations send their talent to train with us because they know we'll teach them exactly what they need to know to stay at the forefront of technology and lead their company to dominate their industry.

Career Workshop & Post-Program Support

Our career workshop will teach you how to effectively present yourself and create the perfect professional arsenal of resume, LinkedIn profile, and interviewing skills that will put you on the fast track to your next role.

After training hundreds of tech professionals who massively upgraded their career to new and lucrative positions, we're the safe, responsible choice.


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Apply For The Upcoming Class

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